brown wooden workbench

Choosing Paint for Wooden Furniture

Painting furniture can be a fickle process: chipping, bubbling, brush marks and uneven coverage are just a few of the problems that can affect the quality of your paint job.

brown wooden round ornament on gray tree trunk

Everything You Need to Know About Tongue and Groove Joinery

When joining two matched boards into one, a tongue and groove joint is much stronger than a simple butt joint. The tongue and groove joint can be easily created using a router with a matched set of router bits, or on a table saw using a stacked dado blade set.

black and yellow rotary tool

What Do You Know About Eucalyptus Wood?

Eucalyptus conjures images of Australia, whose old-growth forests primarily consist of this large, strong tree. In the late 19th century, eucalyptus was successfully introduced to California to address the need for timber and railroad ties.